A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Please, use LUDUM DARE version of the game for the competition purposes. POST EVENT version is the newest version of the game that contains features which are not allowed in Ludum Dare event. 

Thank you!


In his journey to the festival, the King is ambushed by the filthy orcs. Spontaneity worked and almost all of the vanguard of the King perished. Luckily, along with the royal diligence, there was a Magician who created a barrier, fencing off the King from the horde of orcs. But the barrier will not last long. You are the one of the five elite warriors of the King - the paladin, who protects the King shoulder to shoulder with his brothers in arms. Use your unique sword ‘Sunseeker’ to save the King and replenish the power of the Magician, for if the barrier falls, death is inevitable. Can you protect the King from death, because Magician is running out of his magical power.

How to play:

  • LMB: on ground - Move
  • LMB: on enemy - Attack
  • RMB - Shield swing (fully restore Player’s health and gain temporary attack damage boost)
  • Collect energy clots and bring them to the King to speed up his teleport or to the Magician to restore shield’s strength and close opened rifts


Sunseeker_Win (Ludum Dare version) 20 MB
Sunseeker_Mac (Ludum Dare version) 25 MB
POST EVENT - Sunseeker_Mac_1.04.zip 27 MB
POST EVENT - Sunseeker_Win_1.04.zip 22 MB

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